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Get more disabled people into work – a Christmas miracle?

‘Tis the festive season, the season of giving and being grateful. One thing which HR can ask itself in this season is not only what we’re doing to improve the working lives of people, but also what are we doing to create a more culture-centric atmosphere? As stated by the Evening Standard, Work & Pensions Secretary David Gauke claimed that businesses must undergo a “cultural shift” towards the disabled to ensure 1 million more people get into work over the next decade.

According to Gauke, there needs to be a shift in regards to the concerns of employing disabled people, due to many business’ “lack of familiarity” and that employing a disabled person implies that the “costs would be too great”.

According to the ONS figures from June 2017 – posted on the BBC website, it was suggested that disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed as a non-disabled person.

What’s the plan?

The Government’s Disability Confident scheme is one which supports the disabled. Employers who have signed up for this scheme have been praised by Gauke, as he boasts that these employers will have access to some credible people who would otherwise be held back. The new 10 year plan, according to the BBC will also allow those with disabilities already in a job to further progress in their careers, as well as:

  • Measures to provide access to personalised support for those with mental health issues

  • Extending “fit note” certification – this details how a condition affects someone’s ability to work and goes beyond GPs to a wider group of healthcare professionals

Hitting this 1 million target will mean a £39 million injection into doubling specialist job advisers working with those with anxiety and depression, a growing issue in the world today.


Do you think we need to be doing more to create a fair playing field for those with disabilities? Get in touch with us online and share this blog with your team!

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