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How to keep your employees motivated during Christmas

Good old Christmas – a time for giving, a time for family, and a time for reduced staff levels and last minute end of year holiday requests.

This ultimately begs the question: How are business owners keeping their teams motivated and spreading some Christmas cheers?

Here are the top ten tips, given by HR News, to help companies in the lead up to the festive holiday:

  • Make the office fun! Let staff decorate the office, as this could be good for employee engagement

  • Thanking staff for their hard work, buying Christmas treats for the office, small gestures to boost morale – It’s the little things that count!

  • Setting ground rules for Christmas parties – let employees know what can and can’t be done to minimise any altercations

  • When it comes to a Christmas meal, make sure all dietary options are catered for to match staff requirements

  • During the busiest periods of the year (including Christmas) it might be a good idea to restrict annual leave and remind staff of absence policies

  • Reminding staff of drink driving (and not to do it!)If staff have to work over Christmas and New years, encourage them to bring in something festive to try and boost morale

  • Consider flexible working if applicable – working an extra hour one day to get an additional hour off another day

  • Setting goals and targets for staff performance in December, and giving out prizes to those who meet these targets

  • Set some exciting plans for the New Year in order for staff members to come back feeling motivated


Have we missed anything out? Feel free to get in touch and let us know what else could be done to help employees during the Christmas holidays!



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