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myHRparty 27.03.19: A Review

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

It’s been a week since we welcomed not one, but two award winning HR leaders as our guest speakers at our myHRparty, and it wasn’t an evening to be missed!

So who were we joined by and what did they have to say?

The evening kicked off with an inspirational talk from Antonia Dietmann – Senior HR Leader in Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS).

Antonia explained that HMCTS are responsible for the administration of justice in the UK with their courts and tribunals making up a fundamental part of society and the way we experience the justice system today. In 2016, HMCTS launched a ‘once in a generation’ transformation programme of their services. This programme, running until 2022, has highlighted the importance of employee engagement to help ensure successful adoption of the changes taking place. As a result, Antonia’s team created the reform engagement initiative entitled ‘One Conversation’ which focuses on three key aims:

  1. Sharing the transformation story widely throughout the business

  2. Increasing staff engagement with the programme

  3. Building managers capabilities

Antonia talked about the importance of sharing information locally and learning from peers and team leaders not just executive decision makers. The one conversation sessions focus on getting feedback from HMCTS employees and supporting people with any challenges that they may have or potentially foresee.

One Conversation is inclusive, progressive and a great example of the prioritisation of employee engagement in large-scale transformation programmes.

But the excitement didn’t stop there!

We also welcomed longstanding myHRcareers member and multi-award winning HR director Karen Beaven back to The Leather Market to launch her newly published book “Strategic Human Resource Management”!

Karen spoke to myHRcareers about the ups and downs of her HR career and explained the breakdown that she had at the end of 2017. This resulted in her leaving her job but allowed her to focus on herself and gave her the time and space to collect her thoughts, start new ventures and write her first ever book!

Karen explained how her experiences have inspired the writing of her book and how the content reflects the lessons that she has learned throughout her career in HR. Don’t forget to purchase your copy of Strategic Human Resource Management here.

All in all, another myHRparty filled with inspirational speakers and ever-inquisitive HR professionals. Stay tuned for more information about our next event – our summer party (!!!) in June!



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