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Play games and find yourself a job!

The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment

Measuring behavioural traits is not a new concept and I’m sure many of us have heard the terms ‘Myers-Briggs’, ‘DISC’, ‘Predictive Index’ at some point or another. These tools have been helping companies recruit top talent for generations, but now the next generation of behavioural AI tools have emerged, which combine proven neuroscience and cutting-edge AI and take our understanding of human behaviour to a new level.

Pymetrics is one of the better-known companies occupying this space. Pymetrics is an AI platform which identifies candidate behaviours through a series of game-based exercises. They also collaborate with organisations to pinpoint successful behaviours by analysing their top performing employees. This provides a benchmark of what good looks like and enables organisations to make educated and well-informed decisions during the candidate screening process.

Unilever PLC were one of the early adopters of Pymetrics and have successfully utilised this technology to streamline and digitalise the first steps of their graduate recruitment process. For them it’s been a successful campaign and I’m keen to see what the candidate experience is like.

So, let’s try it out….

Last week I took on the role of playing ‘candidate’ to test out this exciting technology.

After logging in, I was greeted by a simple instruction page and a selection of games. A world away from your typical “answer scenario work-based questions” type of assessment. The games themselves were relatively simple and logic based. For example, imagine having a balloon whereby its size is equal to its value. If you don’t pump it up enough, the balloon is too small and therefore of little value. Pump too much and it might pop – rendering it invaluable. To simplify, this game judges risk taking and how risk factors into your behaviour and decision making.

Cognitive, planning, memory, distraction, processing, attention and flexibility are all behavioural traits assessed by Pymetrics through array of intricate and engaging games. The full exercise takes around 25 minutes and at the end of the assessment I received a comprehensive report describing my behavioural characteristics. The report impressed me; the assessment was spot on and echoed the behavioural traits I feel most comfortable demonstrating.

It has become clear that these sophisticated tools are adept at understanding the way candidates behave and the time saving opportunities they present in the field of recruitment are boundless. Lastly, as well as matching candidates to specific roles apparently without bias, Pymetrics can also recommend other roles and businesses that unsuccessful candidates might want to apply to – a win all around.

If you have any experience of procuring, designing and implementing AI, robotics or automation in the field of Recruitment or HR, please email Becky at as we would love to hear your views.


Written by Hannah Azar, Veran Performance



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