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The Power of Networking – Are you taking advantage?

Getting involved with HR Networks is a great way to strong arm employees into supporting their company and increase their connections for future opportunities in the HR  sector.

Networking is an effective way of communicating and sharing information with other professionals. This allows for businesses and smaller organisations to benefit from the information provided. These small tips given from other professionals could help save organisations money but is also helpful for people to keep up with the ever-growing HR sector.

Online Networking is as quick and easy way to build up connections. This method of networking usually doesn’t cost anything to do (besides paying the monthly Wi-Fi bill). This type of networking can feel less personal and doesn’t give the interactive aspect of networking. However it is more convenient and useful to network online.

Offline networking such as going to regular meet ups with professionals or having coffee with those online connections you made earlier are great for creating a solid bond. Offline networking can be as simple as having a dinner with your co-workers or a coffee with your boss. This sort of networking should be encouraged more widely within companies to make the working environment more comfortable and less awkward.

Tips for HR Networking:

  • A great way to network is to use online forums and communities which are filled with HR professionals.

  • Find out more information about the Networks you are interested in joining. Meet the people you communicated with to create a more concrete relationship.

  • Set yourself a goal for what you are looking for or looking to achieve when joining these Networks.

  • Networks that are beneficial for employees are ones that provide a sense of inspiration and a range of opportunities for them to pursue.

  • Take advantage of the network and get involved as well as sharing information yourself.

Networking isn’t hard and can be started at work. This simple form of creating connections can benefit employees and professionals in the short term  as well as in the long run. Networking is about forming connections with other people who have the same interests and not as a name that is clustered up in a list that is only needed when their time comes.

Sources taken from Personnel Today and HR Magazine


Written by A. Ahmed

Intern at Veran Performance



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