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The World Bee Project Utilises Oracle Cloud to Avoid a Sting in the Tail for Humanity

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

A Real-world Example of AI

The Veran team recently attended Oracle Openworld in London, and found this particular case study a fantastic example of where AI can be utilised to avert a real-world issue:

What's the Issue?

Since the late 1990s the world’s bee population, and that of other pollinators, has been on the sharp decline. This poses a serious threat to a variety of plants that are critical to human wellbeing and livelihood. Bees are vital to the agricultural industry, with 1.4 billion farming jobs and 75% of the world’s food supply dependent on the pollination of crops. The large fall in the population of bees has been linked to industrial agriculture, intrusive farming practices, the use of pesticides and climate change.

The Initative

Oracle and The World Bee Project have partnered to tackle the problem and are utilising Cloud Storage and AI Analytics to gain invaluable insight into the issue, with the hope of utilising data to improve pollinators habitats, create more sustainable ecosystems, and improve food security and nutrition. It is hoped that this partnership will lead to the formation of a global monitoring programme and create a network of informed beekeepers that can remotely collect data from varying environments using sensors in interconnected hives. These sensors will monitor colony acoustics and other factors such as brood temperature, humidity, hive weight, and hive weather conditions. They also monitor and interpret the sound of a bee colony to assess colony behaviour, strength, and health.

The data collected, once validated, is fed into Oracle Cloud and will use analytics tools such as AI and data visualisation to highlight anomalies, uncovering new insights that would otherwise have remained hidden. One of many examples of how AI and Cloud technology can aid bee conservation, is the relationship between the “hum” of a bee and the health of a bee colony. Through the use of real-time reporting tools, we are now able to predict when a swarm (bees leaving their hive) is likely to occur as a result of the bees being under threat. This insight allows beekeepers to capture swarms and guide hives to a safer environment, thus increasing the number of bees and honey yield.

Learn More About AI

AI will transform the way that Beekeepers operate, it will also transform the way that businesses are able to function, driving better outcomes for those that adopt the use of AI. Find out how AI can help your business not only survive, but thrive, by attending one of our AI & Automation breakfast seminars in the Gherkin. Here, Veran will share our insight and research into how HR teams are preparing for and leveraging emerging technologies. We will also be discussing lessons learnt from early adoptors. Register here!

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