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2 minutes with…Michelle Osborne

On 08.11.17, myHRcareers welcomed Michelle Osborne to the stage in Manchester.

We caught up with Michelle in one of our ‘2 minutes with..’ interviews, where we dived into just who Michelle Osborne is! Have a look for yourself below:

How did you get to where you are now?

For my entire professional life (22 years) I have served in the Royal Air Force. In that time I’ve completed 13 different roles in 8 countries. One belief that has always remained constant for me, is that you will succeed in the right way if you respect those you work with, loyalty goes both ways and honesty is key.

What is the best thing about your Job?

The best thing about my current role has been the relative freedom I have had to shape the People Innovation project. I feel that I have played my part in making a difference to how Defence’s people are led and managed, before I leave the RAF in December.

What’s the worst/ hardest thing about your role?

The reality of public sector funding and the difficult decisions we have to make around what we can offer our personnel, balanced against what we are asking of them.

What is the biggest challenge facing UK business right now?

The near challenge is the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit deal, medium term I think automation and AI will have an increasingly dramatic impact.

Does HR have a role to play in addressing it?

I think there is a real opportunity for HR professionals to respond to the challenges of automation. An opportunity to re-shape the workforce and release human talent and skills to areas where they are needed most.

What career advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Be brave and always trust your instinct – it hasn’t been wrong so far!

And if you could share a few lines summarising what you’ll be talking about!

I’ll be talking about the Defence People Innovation Challenge and discussing the following questions:

  • What is the innovation challenge and why this is novel ground for Defence

  • What is driving Defence People innovation?

  • How is Defence approaching innovation?

  • What do we hope to achieve?


Thanks Michelle!


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