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Artificial Intelligence and its place in HR

Overtime the rise in the use of artificial intelligence will change the way in which HR departments operate. Could advances in the technology have major effects on the productivity of companies in the long run, and could it help revolutionise HR?

So how will it help?

Recruiting and initiating new employees

AI can help remove hours of work when recruiting new employees through its analytical capacity. By evaluating potential candidates at once, a number of ineligible candidates can be removed leaving behind a small group who are more suited to the role. This not only increases the quality of the potential candidates but also prevents time consuming and costly rehiring procedures. Without this technology, recruiting new employees can be a long and difficult process, however it will become beneficial to both the company and its prospective audience.

Once new employees join they can often have a lot of questions regarding numerous topics around their new job. Chatbots, which are commonly used today, can be programmed to provide the answers to the questions in real time. This then relays answers instantly and can then allow HR professionals to focus on more serious and important problems that require their attention.

Removing Bias from Decision Making

Whilst employees strive to be inclusive in their decision making, they may subconsciously make decisions without realising it. AI can prevent biased decisions from being made and ensure personal opinions aren’t conflicting with professional decisions which is important in the workplace.

Training and Development

Training is an important process for both new and existing employees; it gives them a vital time to develop and gain upon new skills. AI can plan and create specific training programs and then deliver them when needed to ensure that employees are fully trained for there roles. Allowing employees to undergo training in their own time can be useful to employees with busy schedules as well as those who struggle with time management.

Monitoring and analysing an employees work is a good measure of how an employee is performing at work.  Performances can be directly linked to their engagement and motivation and could help indicate struggling or demotivated employees and this information can then be used to help and aid the employees.

Ultimately the use of AI can be extremely beneficial to HR departments in several areas and help ease what can sometimes be excessive workloads. The reduction of time consuming tasks allows for HR professionals to focus on more important and immediate problems that need doing something which can massively help in the performance of the company.


Written by Anay Patel. References taken from:



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