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Introducing Kim Travers – our HR business leader and speaker at our upcoming myHRparty

Kim Travers is Head of HR Shared Services at TFL. She has been at TFL for 17 years and previously worked in the not for profit, financial services and hospitality industries. 

Her current role covers employee support for all employees, recruitment activity including early careers, high volume, executive and technical roles and development support for all staff (including graduates and apprentices) using a wide range of training methods. Her current focus is on making better use of technology to improve the overall employee experience and introduce more self-service functionality.

We caught up with Kim recently ahead of our upcoming myHRparty to find out a bit more on who Kim Travers is. See what she had to say below:

What is the best thing about your job?

For me it is the variety and the challenge of change – both of which I love.  Having people around me who welcome both is great too!

What’s the worst/ hardest thing about your role?

Having people around me who are disproportionately concerned rather than excited by change and from a personal and professional perspective cannot adapt to a new world coming.

What is the biggest challenge facing UK businesses right now?

Keeping up with the pace of change and the different requirements of employees and ways of working in the future.

Does HR have a role to play in addressing it?

Yes it does especially in terms of making sure there is a greater understanding of how important it is to be open, flexible, adaptable and ready for change for the remainder of our careers!

A description of what you’ll be talking about

I will be challenging the vision for how HR can become more efficient and intelligent through the use of smart technology, and think critically about how highly automated processes and ‘all seeing all hearing robots’ would be received at Transport for London.

Having worked in HR for over 30 years, I will represent HR leaders globally who are thinking through how to leverage smart machines whilst keeping the Human in Human Resources.

Join us on the 30th of January and hear Kim speak alongside other HR leaders to kickstart our year of AI, Automation and Intelligent HR!


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