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Introducing our Inspirational HR Business Leader, Mervyn Dinnen!

Mervyn Dinnen is an HR & talent analyst advising recruitment and HR technology businesses on the emerging trends impacting hiring, retention and engagement.

He is author of the book Exceptional Talent, an award winning blogger, and an International speaker and writer on HR and recruitment trends. He previously spent 20 years working with UK companies on recruitment and retention strategies.

Here are just a few of his achievements:

  • Recruitment Blog of the Year Winner 2013 – UK Recruiter

  • Top 50 HR & Recruiting Thought Leaders – Glassdoor

  • Top 50 Social HR Experts – Huffington Post

  • 5 Influential Staffing Experts Changing our Beliefs – Recruiterstaff

Have a look below at some of Mervyn’s content, including:

Mervyn has been a friend of myHRcareers for years, first getting involved for HR GAME CHANGER in 2014. We’re currently in the process of reviewing his latest book EXCEPTIONAL TALENT, and can’t wait to have him share some of his challenging ideas on innovation in HR and recruitment with us at our next party in Manchester.


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