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Introducing our inspirational HR Business Leader, Zoe Walters!!

Currently working as a Global HR Director for Conde Nast, Zoe is widely known for her Digital knowledge and agile set up expertise that has hugely disrupted its competitors and the sport industry over the past 2 years through digitisation to its consumers.

Zoe Walters began her career working onboard cruise ships for Carnival Cruise Lines, moving from shipboard to shoreside, Zoe established herself as a respected HR Leader gaining unparalleled experience in the time where the cruise industry became popular.

During her HR career, Zoe has worked and led teams in the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe and has recently completed her masters in Psychology to become an ICF accredited Coach. Zoe has many interests, mainly behaviour and coaching, but she is also a blogger and ambassador for Psychologies Magazine which she regularly writes for. You can check out Zoe’s website for her blogs & services, as well as her LinkedIn Profile for some content which Zoe has produced regarding HR!

Zoe will be speaking at our myHRparty on 30.05.18. Sign up >> HERE << for all the details!


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