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#myHRparty London 31.01.18 – Thank you for coming!

On the 31st of January we hosted our first myHRparty of the 2018 and what a turnout it was! You all turned up in numbers and watched, networked and hopefully learnt a lot while Tim Pointer gave an enthusiastic food-for-thought speech on the “Winning Strategies for 2018”!

It was a night of anticipation from our members and needless to say, we (more particularly Tim) met the expectations of our members!

Didn’t attend but still want to watch the talk? We’ve got you covered! You can check out our periscope where we recorded Tim’s talk and caught the vibrant atmosphere!

We’d like to give a special thanks to Tim Pointer for delivering a fantastic speech and really engaging with the audience, but also a massive thanks to all those who attended! Your feedback is always encouraged and we’d love to hear from you in regards to your thoughts on our new London Bridge venue, and to also get in touch if you have any interesting stories to share if myHRcareers has helped you in any way:

Let us know your thoughts on our new venue. Let us know if you have any stories to share and empower the HR community!

We hope you all enjoyed the party and we’ll be sure to see you at our next event!



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