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The HR Summer Party 2018 – Thank you for coming!

On behalf of myHRcareers, London HR Connection, Corporate & Cocktails and Developmenta, we like to thank you all for making our joint event the largest HR party of the Summer!

This summer we united 4 incredible HR communities for one night of HR networking unlike any other. The event was our biggest networking event ever (as members who attended will tell you!) with over 300 people joining us to celebrate the power of HR networking, in the first collaborative networking party of its kind!

Bringing together 4 powerful networks, over 300 people including more than 200 mentors, 4 speakers and a comedian meant that this was not an event to be missed!

Celebrating HR Networking: A collaboration

In May 2018, one of our long-standing members shared their story with us. Having joined the network just 9 months before Chris was struggling to find a job in HR and transfer his skills. After a couple of networking parties he joined the myHRcareers mentoring programme and started to develop supportive relationships across the HR community. After months of advice, introductions, encouragement from our members, Chris found his dream job in HR. As he shared this story and thanked our network, we were struck by the experience, expertise and enthusiasm generously shared by our members, not just with Chris, but tirelessly across the community.

Those members, we realised, are part of not just myHRcareers, but other HR networks, and indeed the wider HR community. The success our members experience through our community and events, are in fact, a result of the HR community at large pulling together to support one another to achieve our potentials, and collectively raise the game of the profession.

And this is what we wanted to celebrate. Not myHRcareers, or even the networks we collaborated with, but the members of the HR Community at large who are sharing their time, energy & expertise with a common purpose and goal.

So, with our vision and purpose clearly in mind, we approached other HR networks who might share our ethos.  Since our creation, we have championed and been championed by London HR Connection, Corporate & Cocktails and Developmenta and so it was almost inevitable that they would be our partners for this unique event.

Record breaking: A summer party like no other!

With the event sold out within a week, we kick-started off the night by brief introductions from all 4 networks. Charlotte Hallaways, Andy Selway, Craig McCoy & Antony Brentnall all explained what  their networks were about and why they collaboratively put on the event. The 300-strong crowd were pumped and ready to go!

We then handed over to comedian Sam Carrington, a Fringe veteran, and founder of the Smirk Experience, for an utterly entertaining talk on “How to be a better public speaker”.

Invigorated and armed with tips, we threw ourselves into networking for the remainder of the evening and everyone eagerly took up the challenge to not only say hi to the familiar faces in the room, but to meet as many new people as possible. And that is exactly what we did.

Highly established and experienced HR professionals mixed with those new into the HR field or those looking for a pathway into the world of HR. The diversity within the room was therefore vast, but everyone shared the one common connection that had brought them there – everyone in the room believed that HR networking is invaluable.

About our networks

(Click on the networks to be taken to their web pages!)

myHRcareers is a free network founded by Veran Performance for passionate HR professionals, all in various stages of their HR careers and representing over 350 companies in the UK and internationally, which promotes the exchange of ideas, experience, and advice. By founding and funding this network we aim not only to share our philosophy with a wider audience, but to address the lack of opportunity typically provided to those starting out in their HR careers.

The London HR Connection (LHRC) is a unique forum for HR professionals that has been established for many years. We host monthly evening events with high profile guest speakers from the world of business, academia, Government, trade unions and the private and public sectors addressing the hottest topics in HR. We also pride ourselves on the excellent networking environment and opportunities that we have created for our members in the relaxed and friendly environment around the main event.  The LHRC has also partnered with the School of Management and Business at King’s College, London and the Cass Business School and this gives us access to some of the world’s most influential thought leaders in HR management.

Corporate & Cocktails are a vibrant and fun human resources (HR) networking group and run regular HR events for HR professionals in London. With our regular informal and friendly HR networking events, everyone from large corporate HR types to start-up, SMEs and self-employed HR types can find an informative and fun HR group in London, that will cater to their needs.

Developmenta is committed to building strong connected HR communities to enable them to grow their networks and provide a HR4HR service to help develop their skills and capabilities. We also work with HR to develop their people’s Leadership and Management capability through Coaching, Facilitation and offer a wide range of innovative Management & Leadership Programmes.


If you have any questions in the meantime, or for more information, please get in touch with us:



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