HR Innovation: How to take HR from the transactional to the transformative

Technology is omnipresent in our lives. As humans we’re continually learning and processing information. What we do with that information leads to the creation of new ideas, methods and inventions. Technology is born from our innovation, and in turn, technology makes us more innovative. This is especially true in the world of HR.

Tom Holmes, Director HR transformation consultancy Veran Performance, writes for HR community myHRcareers about the Future of HR and Innovation. HR networking party.

From transactional to transformative
Traditionally, HR functions are quite transactional. From attendance and payroll, employee welfare, to union relations and the recruitment factory, HR’s focus has typically been functional and reactive.However, as we’ve innovated and developed technology, these administrative, mechanical HR roles have been taken over by the technology itself.
For some, this has been viewed as a job threatening and often negative force, particularly for those in an administrative role. But what people may not realise is that by outsourcing transactional activities, our time is freed up so we can be more innovative.

What does this mean for the future of HR?
With mechanical tasks being automated by technology, HR now has time to be creative and strategic. This shift will move the weight of HR from the transactional to the transformative. Time previously spent on mechanical tasks can now be spent on things like strategic business planning, culture & employee experience, org design, performance management, and so on. For businesses that HR supports, this creates huge opportunity to grow and drive productivity. But to do it successfully, it does mean HR will have to change.

Creating the HR function of the future
The skills required for you and your HR team will change. Moving forward, HR needs to support the learning and development of administrative HR people so they can operate within a different scope. But there is also a tremendous role for the HR team to play outside of its own function.
Businesses that want to succeed today, must innovate, it’s an imperative, not a choice. This will require all areas of business to be routinely reviewed and adapted, demanding new skills, thinking and ways of working from its staff.

Who has the responsibility to successfully manage and drive that transition? HR.
The future is here and it is time for the HR function to step up and embrace the change.

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